Dressed as Theme

Encourage other event goers to dressed according to theme or go wild with your cosplay creativity.

Respect Other People Property

Respect other people’s art by not stealing or damaging any property. Do not take picture/video without permission or when it’s being prohibited.

Polite Interaction

Interaction among participants should be conducted in a polite, friendly and warm atmosphere. Highly avoid any conflict, including bullying or other behaviour that can harm other participants or visitors.

Participation in Activity

Participants or visitors are allowed to actively participate in all activities held at the event. Highly avoid disturbing the show or the activities that are taking place.

Keep Clean

Always keep the area clean by throwing garbage in its place.

Obey the Security Rules

Obey the strict rules that have been set by the organizer. Alcohol and drugs are highly prohibited during the event as well as guns or other sharp objects that can potentially endanger other people.